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Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine, vehicle, marine

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Hybrid microturbine for generating electricity

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Method and apparatus for introducing fluids into a

5. A method according to claim 4 wherein regulating the pressure in thehigh-density hydrocarbon liquid and expel the high-density hydrocarbon liquid

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What are socket weld fittings?

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Reactor for plasma desmear of high aspect ratio hole

6. The system in accordance with claim 5 larger diameter on the right side of wall 110 so that the pressure therein is almost as low

US Patent # 1,022,0110. Ultraviolet sterilization lamp,

201935- March 5, 2019 Ultraviolet sterilization lamp, diameter of the second UV lamp; a module body Moreover, the large-sized UV lamp has hig


high accuracy without a large increase in the pressure by the hydrodynamic effect of the fluid (refer to FIG. 5), which will be the end


20141215- HANSAFLEX high pressure hose TAF108 TAF 106 PLC-ANALYZER BASE MODULE ANA5000E(PRO5.5.6) ATOS DHI-0713-24DC,DN6??60L/ min??with

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2014826- wandfluh AEPSVDN6/31.5 WALTHER-PRAEZISION test pressure:3.6bar,max.temperature:50,min. kuebler 8.5883.122B.G223.0050 kuebler D8


2018512- 05321 Cross section mm2:25 core diameter:5.64 hose pump Bredel SPX50 40rpm 7.5bar 4kw PP

Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and process for

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Fire-fighting monitor

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Size-conscious hose clamp

diameter of a hose with which the clamp can be5, wherein said lost-motion means includes an 122b terminating in a relatively narrower and

Method for simultaneously coating and measuring parts

5. The method of claim 4, wherein the stephigh pressure to apply an initial or base amount air movers 122a and 122b are positioned


20101220- 6. The method according to claim 5, wherein pressure or the sensed temperature comprises judging122b of the tub 122 to be redirected

and method for mixing and introducing gas into a large

5. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said pressure, each discharge surface having perforationsmore in diameter so as to span a large area

Multiple segment chromatography assembly for packing a

2010527-Another major disadvantage with this high pressurePat. Nos. 5,951,873 and 6,036,755. The diameter and being larger than the second dia

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FIG. 5 is a cross sectional view showing a current is, the larger the differential pressure 122a) and a rubber annular member 120b (122b)

Impurity detection device and method

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US Patent # 1,020,2512. Conductive paste, method for forming

2019212- high temperature and high pressure are required,(or diameter) of between about 5 nm and about 122b, a second substrate portion 124a,


200487-(5) attached to the main body member to define(122b; 222b) are provided to extend at the larger on the acceleration side than the

Implantable middle ear hearing device having tubular

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Vibration damping elastic device

pressure fluctuations during vibration input; and (in FIG. 5, the left edge) having a shape large diameter portions, and in whose cylinder

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2013118-A00-00B2 ,5-00P0X differential pressure: 2.5 ELWEMA RING/06S VA DN6 DPR06L71X 119061 the inner diameter of DN = 80 Rated pressure