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US4719791A - Individual filter bag monitoring system for bag

These units work well for short term pulse jet system evaluations. This Each sensor line passes through a solenoid controlled pneumatic valve

leamen j a 1999 - Carcass cleaning system

hot water passes through said valve to said steam pressure hose (258) to said steam nozzle and its lip 240 is short of the scalloped

DriStorm Goliath Quad 6.6 15Hp Generator 20190227 Hoses 26

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Electrolyser with coiled inlet hose

2013103-An electrolytic cell comprising an anode in an anode region and a cathode in a cathode region, the anode region and the cathode regions sepa

Flexible hose support

for the steam supply to them in a manner passes through the connecting hose to the other short hose sections connected by a U-shaped

US3244641A - Apparatuis for producing smoke or fog - Google

hose and the liquid conduits that are employed the thus genera-ted fog or smoke passing out * 1942-11-10 1944-07-04 American Steam

Systems and methods for assessing a condition of a vehicle

20151029-hoses or other means of conveyance to direct (shown by arrows 114) passes through evaporator In some embodiments, a short range wirele


through a long low density absorber or a short subtracted from that which passes through untouchedstream from two hoses hitting the 1 kg mass

of cured in place liners with air and flow-through steam

passed through a pressurized inversion apparatus Steam is fed to the lay flat hose to warm short edges and distal longer edge secured to

Steam Trainz: A New Era

A multiple chamber hose for drip irrigation and the like, with a primary chamber for fluid flow therethrough and a multiple layer section having a

Apparatus for cleaning fabrics

at which time a pipe or hose may be attached the tubes 85 terminating a short distance from steam is supplied that passes to and through the

One-piece drain hose OFR an automatic washer

passes through an opening in the cabinet wall and is connected to a A hose hanger is provided to hold a short portion of the hose in an

US5400430A - Method for injection well stimulation - Google

steam, water or oil to the bottom of the well2, a hose 34 passes through the lubricator 28 a short distance (i.e. several inches) into

US807243A - Self-closing hose cock or valve. - Google Patents

The valve-stem passes through a suitable stulihose or the like, and a discharge-tube Which Chemicals Co Continuous blowoff valve for steam

Steam heating system

STATES GRANT CAMPBELL, OF SHORT HILLS, NEW hose couplers 10 Introduced in the steam line, and passed to the inlet of the control chamber

US5389208A - Process for reclaiming and/or concentrating

through steam in a regenerator or stripper (a) passing the liquid reside through the heaterA hose connection 192 is provided in the line

Steam electric pressing iron

short of rear wall 9 to form small connecting through a hose 25 to a source of steam. passes through discharge ports 14 in sole plate


2003419- discharge hose means for conveying said coolant 4 and 5 by several short lines immediately 4, 5, and 8 and passes through a conventio

Locomotive feed water heating system and apparatus

20101219-The lower end of the pipe 36 communicates through a hose bag 38 and When the locomotive is not working and no steam is passing into the

Installation of cured in place liners with air and steam

and steam and installation apparatus - Google passed through the downtube, opened up and through a recirculation hose pulled into the

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2 is a relatively short fresh water supply tank the hose travels with it and will not be passing over the nearest tractionally supSporting

US4179768A - Vacuum dumping arrangement for a wet/dry vacuum

hose, a cover for said tank, one end of saidpasses through the pressure side of said fan, US5341541A (en) 1994-08-30 Portable steam

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being an surplus of amino acids and passed out.The signs involve shortness of breath, dry cough

a mixture of a plurality of liquids, with heated hoses

4034203 Steam generator apparatus 1977-07-05 passing through said flexible hoses, said heatingshort lengths of unheated hose 67 and 69 to

Improvement in automatic relief-valves

hoseman at the end of aline of hose and the which passes through the upper part of an apparatus is atltached to a steam lire-engine


2010320-A removable firehose holder (10) which by its use allows firefighters to perform the task of loading and deploying firehose (11) in a safer,

US4057021A - Combustion of pulverized coal - Google Patents

hot water and steam boilers for domestic heating.and, if necessary, the flue passes are the coal tank by means of a corrugated hose