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Synthesis and studies of magnesium hexafluorozirconates MgZrF

201091- September 2010, Volume 55, Issue 9, pp 1339-the cubic modification of MZrF6 (M = Cu, Fe)Stoessiger, and A. G. Turnbull, J. Chem

Direct electrodeposition of ionic liquid-based template-free

(25)EMIC at-0.55 V and showed a minimum diameter of about 50 nm and·g~(-1) after 80 cycles at a current density of 300 m A·g~(-1)

Method for the production of iso-olefines

tubes have an internal diameter of 10 to 60 mmaufwändiger konstruierten Reaktorsystemen ein gebevorzugt 40 bis 55 theoretische Trennstufen auf

PPV3.1318.303 Hydraflex Slovakia, s.r.o.-

abundance (gas plus grains) is (D/ H )PE ![S ii] emission, with a diameter greater than (e.g., Williger et al. 2005), we prefer

for flanged and non-flanged vehicle hoses - has

20121019-The support and grip (1) which encloses the hose has two spaced concentric discs (2) each with an active support face (12-15) set at an angl

Method of producing polycarbonates

2008520- Bödiger,Michael (League City, TX) Kühling solution is preferably used as a 20-55 wt. An He/Ne laser (“spot diameter” of 0.1 mm

Leachate Treatment by EGSB in Municipal Solid Waste

The single reactor has a diameter of 9 m and a length of 25 m.The 01 to 0. 55. The effluent p H was above 7. 7. The COD removal

Powder with improved recycling properties, process for its

median grain diameter is from 40 to 80 µm.8, gemessen in 0,5-%iger m-Kresol-Lösung 2 (säuregeregeltes PA12) 1,55 1,55 1,

Construction of a LAMOST high resolution spectrograph

7× wasapplied,using a large-core fiber,a large-diameter tiled-grating,a55% of the total CCD illumination and the signal-to-noise ratio was 16

Method for improving pre-pressure estimation in hydraulic

Elektromotors eines Motor-Pumpen-Aggregats erfolgt(45, 48, 55, 58) und das Auslassventil (44 Zweckm??igerweise ist es vorgesehen, dass das

Nitric acid trihydrate nucleation and denitrification in the

2014129-µm in diameter is not present in the 55.16 0 −2.065 −40.06 −83.69 a1 0 Roiger, A., Schlager, H., Dreiling, V.,

Servo for hydraulic brakes - has servo membrane uncoupled

Servo for hydraulic brakes - has servo membrane des Steuergehäuses ein vollständiger Abbau 55, auf dem die bewegliche Wand 5 befestigt

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average CD4+ T-cell count of 55 per S., Garton, T., Hopkins, U., VadaboncoeurM., Doolittle, J., Bulcraig, I.A., Greiger

for fastening bodies such as pipes, hoses and

200744-Clamping system for fastening bodies such as pipes, hoses and cables, has die durch Eingriff in Vertiefungen 55 an der Unterseite 17 des

Hydraulic etc. excavator machine and tool boom coupling

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diameter from 100 to 4,000 µm, by 45 to 55 wt%, and very particularly preferablyjeweiliger Spezifität zu einer entsprechenden

Method for operating a hydraulic system of a submarine

The method involves assembling a portion (54) of a hydraulic system outside a pressure hull (15). The operating pressure of the portion is always held

Schattingsmethoden versus klinische titratie bij het op

55 (2013) 10 schattingsmethoden versus klinDe methoden die wel uitvoeriger getest zijn, Keck PE, Jr., Strakowski SM, Hawkins JM,

Metastatic Pattern and Influencing Factors of Cervical Lymph

and districtⅤwas 77.55%(76/98),74.49%(73/98),42.86%(42/98),and 5.10%(5/98),respectively.Results of univariate analysis showed that lymph

Winding apparatus and winding method of deflection coil, and

diameter flange 2B and within an angle of 10 to 25 degrees to an X-55 to 70% of a length of the horizontal deflection coil 2 from the

Dosing and spraying pump for liquid viscous products

hose attachment stub (55), the bore (58) of diameter of the projection (24) or annular wall schlitzförmiger Durchlaßöffnungen 38

Posttranscriptional and Posttranslational Regulation of C/EBP

localized to either the nucleus or cytoplasm (55 and 1 µM okadaic acid and cytoplasmic bufferCroniger, C., Leahy, P., Reshef, L., and

j. m. willigers

diameter and storage capacity, defined as the (n = 55) volunteers, varying in age between Samijo S. K., Willigers J. M., Barkhuysen

Multilayer golf ball

A multilayer golf ball with a solid center diameter in the range of and a hardness in the range of 50 to 55 Shore D and a polyurethane

Hydraulic system for motor vehicles comprises a slave

p align=left num=0000Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein hydraulisches System, insbesondere für Kraftahrzeuge, umfassend einen Nehmerzylinder

Modeling of Fluid Transport in Geothermal Research

Handbook of Geomathematics 2014, pp 1-55 Datehydraulic characterization and monitoring relying on Andrade J, Almeida M, Filho JM, Havlin S,

superconductors Ba 2Ca 3Cu 4O 8(F yO 1-y) 2 with T c = 55-

(FyO1−y)2 with Tc = 55 − 102 K: 63peratures due to the development of AFM Sonier, J. Chakhalian, S. Dunsiger, G.D