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CDNA microarray analysis of age-associated changes in gene

mean diameter of these lesions as seen on EUS was 2.70 x 3.12 cm.outer margin and homogenous echo texture, 4 were hypoechoic and 6 hyper

A unique volcanic field in Tharsis, Mars: Pyroclastic cones

airfall and pyroclastic flow deposits (Greeley anddiameter 193 has an average value of 0.4 (cm pixel-1 01 May 2008 41° 277° PSP_009

The Effect of Viscosity on the Volume and Shape of

and aluminum spherical projectiles 0.1588 to 0.6250 cm in diameter were doi:10.1002/bit.20184Fink, J. HGreeley, RGault, D. E

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Origin of basaltic soils at Gusev crater, Mars, by aeolian

( 4) cannot be resolved in ∼32 mm/[Greeley et al., 2006a], but are uncommon [(2003), Aggregate‐mean diameter and wind‐

Dust storms on Mars: Considerations and simulations

described in a preliminary report by Greeley et particles in air of diameter less than 100 jum..6 .5 to 3 .4 CM .3 .2 Dp pm O 12 D

The formation of small cones in Isidis Planitia, Mars through

(diameter = 36 km) sQCD in the basin, (e.g., Crown and Greeley, 1993), and it (4) many adjacent chains are parallel, and

Space Shuttle Radar Images of Terrestrial Impact Structures:

· AUGUST 1995 CITATIONS 4 DOWNLOADS 22 4 an even larger diameter of greater than 17 km.McHone, JF, Blumberg, DG, Greeley, R,

Synthesis of a spinifex‐textured basalt as an analog to

(given the dynamics of cooling over a diameter of 2 cm, we (Fe3+0.30Cr0.03Al1.67) O4, measured using the electron micro

RETRACTED The influence of sand diameter and wind velocity on

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Nevo melanocítico congênito gigante

patients number of patients with MM Conway United States Greeley et al.cm in its larger diameter in adulthood 2 cm 4 cm 120 cm2

Minimal enteral nutrient requirements for intestinal growth

for reducing the duration of hospitalization (4).(1.78 mm outer diameter) in the carotid artery Hartmann B, Holst JJ, Greeley GH Jr and

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Erosion rates at the Mars Exploration Rover landing sites and

1 km in diameter clearly shows that the layered that were visited by Opportunity (Figure 4). from 5 to 27 cm [Greeley et al., 2006a]

Venus: The nature of the surface from Venera panoramas

cm long 6.5 cm diameter 9.5 cm diameter 7 4:.}.;:#; .,,-.:,.,:.;(from Greeleyand Kin•t [1977]; photosby J

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Galileo observations of Ganymede impact crater morphology

depth/diameter ratios for several craters and to correlate albedo to und Greeley, R. Department of Geology, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Impact crater air fall deposits on the surface of Venus: A

Diameter, km 10 20 30 50 70 100 150 200 270cm,a % Lower, 8 sites Lower, 4 sites Lower, Greeley et al., 1992; Schaber et al., 1992

Determination of the mean caliper diameter of lung nuclei by

Determination of the mean caliper diameter of lungparticles in question (Greeley et al., 1978). J Microsc. 1980 Apr; 118 (4):421–427

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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on August 22,

Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4diameter importantly less than any other car of lystcm which permits a turning able seating

The particle size of Martian aeolian dunes

(4)• 1.0 0.7 whichis a functionof the(6) gravitationaalcceleration(ge) is 981 cm/Greeleyet al., 1984].) ParticleDiameter(gm)

Estimates of the wind speeds required for particle motion on

diameter monotonically decreases with decreasing Greeley , J. Iverson , Estimates of the wind GRAIN SIZE SORTING AND WIND ESTIMATION 4 of 14